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Furniture, fixtures, appliances, the personal property in a house take on and hold memory, both good and bad. Sometimes antiques need clearing which was passed down from grandparents or parents. In the case of tension, trauma, and even pain from a very sick family member, clearing your house can bring the energy to a neutral place. 

An example would be after a birthday party at your house with 25 attendees. The house has a lot of the birthday party attendees’ energy, you may want to clear it because you cannot relax, a house clearing will bring the house to a neutral place.

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Every client has unique needs and requirements, so whatever is requested, I try to help using all the resources I have available. I can work remotely by email, chat, audio/video conferencing, telephone, or in-person. Mentorship training is also available upon request for 6, 12, 18 months terms.


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