Sedona, Arizona Intuative Psychic Counseling for Relationships and Love
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Sedona, Arizona Psychic Counseling for Relationships and Love

30 years of experience
Get fast and accurate answers to all of your important questions, no questions left unanswered. Are you soulmates or twin flames? What is the longevity of this relationship? Will the sex be any good? All questions will be answered with compassion and clarity.

Intuitive Counseling
In-person, video chat, instant messaging, and telephone consultations to assist in identifying and supporting empowering solutions. It is my role to act solely as a facilitator and it is your role to implement the choice(s) that are for your higher good and evolution.

Psychic counseling for Relationships
Psychic counseling for relationships and love
(Prices for Psychic counseling below)

30 minutes for $100.00

One hour for $200.00


1) Date of birth (month/day/year)
2) Time of birth
(exact time is helpful for greater accuracy)
3) Location of birth (City/State/Country)





he is very caring and do read all your questions before he gave out advices. I have good connection with Paul and hopefully what he said will come true one day.. Can give him a try

Thank you so much, Paul for answering my important questions. You have a really special gift

He was right even thou i thought he was wrong! My apologies to him !

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