Intuitive Psychic Counseling for your Finances
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Intuitive Psychic Counseling
for your Finances

Consultation to explore present financial matters and look at any blockages, issues, new opportunities which you may want to review and clarify. 


Note: this is your session and I am only acting as a facilitator and your free will and choices will be empowered and respected, my role is to help  YOU in reviewing and better understanding your options, not in making any decisions for you.  This service does not replace the  need to have a financial planner or investment banker handling your financial investments and  tax related issues/consequences.


(Prices for financial counseling  below)

30 minutes for $100.00

One hour for $200.00


1) Date of birth (month/day/year)
2) Time of birth
(exact time is helpful for greater accuracy)
3) Location of birth (City/State/Country)





Rating 5 of 5 stars

VERY good reader! He knew exactly what was going on with my situation and without hesitation. Didn't ask for names or birth dates. He is clear in his answers and leaves no question after you hang up. I would absolutely call him again and recommend him. 

straightforward, kind,and helpful.thank you.

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