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Crystal Bed Therapy in Sedona, AZ

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IN ONE SESSION: Raise your energy, Unblock chakras, Remove unneeded cords & attachments, Increase your clarity!

Open 7 Days a week • Walk-ins welcome
20, 40, 60 minute sessons available

Crystal Light Bed Therapy is a healing modality that combines the powerful healing powers of Crystals and Color Therapy to help facilitate physical, emotional, mental, spiritual healing and well-being. This unique healing tool was developed in Brasil.

Where do the Crystals Come from?
The Crystals for the Crystal Bed were mined in a small town called Garimbo de Ouro where gold and precious stones, quartz crystals and amethyst lie beneath the surface of most of that area resulting in a profound energy emanating from the land It has been said that the crystals making up the bed, were “born in beds of water, deep beneath the earth.” They were extracted from the earth and over a very long period of time, each of the seven crystals came from a single stone and was carefully hand-sculpted beneath a waterfall. There were no joints in any of the crystals used in the healing bed.

Receiving crystal bed healings
Ongoing benefits from your healing session are best when you arrive in a place of relaxed receptivity and attitude of letting go and allowing. The crystals, cleansing of the chakras and release of cords and attachments evoke feelings of serenity and equilibrium. You may experience heightened insights and the release of specific personal issues and memories. You may have feelings of warmth, movement, tingling or expansion. Your awareness may extend beyond yourself to higher states of consciousness.

How is a session conducted?
"Crystal Bed Healing" is safe and non-invasive. The person receiving the "Crystal Bed Treatment” simplies lies fully clothed, on a massage table below the lighted crystals, so that each of the seven crystal aligns to the corresponding chakra. Once the person is comfortable, a clothe is placed over their eyes. The room is then dimmed, soft music is played, and finally the pulsating lights shining through the crystals are turned on. All the client does is to relax, go into an altered state, or even fall sleep. The light, the crystals, and the healing spirit beings will do the rest.

How to use the bed
The individual receiving the session may lay face up or face down depending upon the healers determination as to which will be most effective, with eyes closed, bathing in the energy. Each of the Seven quartz crystals are cut to a specific frequency and are positioned in a fixed array over the Chakra centers at a level approximately 12-15 inches above the body. Light and color shine through each crystal in alternating patterns creating a spiraling amplification of energy from the root to the crown Chakras. The Crystal Bed Healing has an inter-dimensional effect and the vibrational patterns manifest higher and higher levels of awareness, harmony and peace. The individual receiving the session may lay down face up/ or face down with eyes closed, bathing in the energy.

As with many of Subtle Energy Healing Therapies, no claims can be made that any disease states can be cured. However there are many, many reports of healings occurring. Healing can occur on many different levels, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. The crystal bed also can help open the connection with the Healing Spirit Guides. Many people who have had "Crystal Bed Healing" Sessions have reported some of the following:
• feeling more energized
• feeling a deep relaxation
• feeling more at peace with themselves
• feeling less stressed and an increased sense of overall well being
• a deeper spiritual understanding of themselves, and their life situations etc.
• gaining insights into their future life path
• gaining insights of the cause of disease states
•   receiving guidance as to how to best deal with their disease or problems.

Each and every person who receives "Crystal Bed Healing" reports a different effect, each experience being relevant and unique to his/her own condition, needs, and level of awareness. Many people who have experienced the crystal bed also feel themselves in an altered state after a session. Many say they feel the sensation of being worked on by spirits, some float back into past lives, and some a feeling of great attunement to spirit. The experience is totally individual.

Entities in the crystals
Connect to the Holy Realms of
*St Ignatius
*King Solomon
*St Thomas
*Archangels Michael and Gabriel
*Mary McKillop
*St Francis of Assisi
*St Francis Xavier
*St Theresa (The Little Flower)
*St Rita
*The Spirit Doctors
-Dr Augusto
-Dr Valdivino
-Dr Menenzies
-Dr Cruz
-Dr Andre Luis
-Jose Pentado
-Padre Pio
-St Chabel and many more


I was very ill when Paul came to my rescue. In no time at all he has strengthened me and balanced my energy so that I was able to function properly in the world again. Paul is a remarkable human being and a very kind and caring healer. There are few healers I would trust my body to as I have Paul.

I highly recommend his reiki healing sessions and the crystal bed is a powerful healing tool that has completely rebalanced my whole chakra system. I have been amazed at the short time it has taken for him to heal me.
- Mary, Hollywood Hills, CA

I can honestly say, that if it wasn’t for Paul and the crystal bed, I would have let go… the experience was amazing.
- Reyne

In 2006 I was made aware that I had polyps within my stomach. I began to treat myself with the help of a shaman who prescribed various herbs and a detox program that involved a 14 day fast to cleanse my system.

I realized that it was going to be a very slow process, one that required much self love. In addendum to the herbs, I changed my diet and exercise to accommodate the process of ridding my body of the tissue that had manifested within. For two and a half years I slowly and patiently released the polyps.

In mid 2008, I went thru an emotion breakup and my youngest son began to bring on stress that caused my body to relapse and signs of the polyps appeared again. But this time, I struggled with finding the strength to fight.

When Paul appeared within my life, I was very weak, very thin and very tired. He suggested I use the crystal bed. The first session under the bed, I noticed very little. The second, treatment, is when I could distinctly notice a movement around my heart and stomach area. The best way to describe it would be to say, I felt as though, something was moving within those areas.

When I was finished with that treatment, the desire to eat and take my vitamins was there. I continued with treatments for many weeks each time noticing that I began to have visions, clarity, and a desire to heal. I could hear what I needed to do, see myself healthy and felt rejuvenated after each treatment.

With Paul's guidance, I on an intuitive level understood what was needed and felt the energy and could identify the emotions attached to what had manifested within me. It was as if energy began to move thru my tired body and I understood what was needed to not only rid my body of these polyps but to stop them from redeveloping.

There were times as I lay under the crystal bed, I would have visions of past experiences from my childhood, present situations that I was dealing with and at the same time, could see what was in my future. I have to say; I was inspired and could sense my sadness breaking away, loving thoughts moving within me and a desire to heal.

I began to put on weight and had the ability to focus on daily challenges and had the strength to confront those souls that had emotionally challenged me. It has been 4 months since my last treatment and I have no signs of polyps, I have gained around 15 pounds and understand how not to allow stress and sadness to manifest within me.

I can honestly say, that if it wasn’t for Paul and the crystal bed, I would have let go… the experience was amazing.