Intuative Psychic Counseling for your Career
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Psychic Counseling for your Career

Consultation to explore present career path and look at any blockages, issues, new opportunities which you may want to review and clarify. 


Note: this is your session and I am only acting as a facilitator and your free will and choices will be empowered and respected, my role is to assist YOU in reviewing and better understanding your options, not in making any decisions for you.


(Prices for Psychic counseling for your career  below)

30 minutes for $100.00

One hour for $200.00


1) Date of birth (month/day/year)
2) Time of birth
(exact time is helpful for greater accuracy)
3) Location of birth (City/State/Country)




There are no words to describe how remarkable, amazing and truly gifted this man is. A Million Stars For You!

excellent reading! got down to every last detail and blew me away with the truth thank you

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