Sedona, Arizona (AZ) Aura photos Crystal Bed Therapy and healing modadilty by Psychic and Medium Paul Simons.
Healing graphics
Sedona, Arizona Aura Photography

Receive visual proof of your
healing transformation with an Aura Photo

See Chakra Cleansing and transformation using the Crystal Bed with a BEFORE and AFTER Aura photograph. A detailed interpretation of your chakras before/after the crystal bed treatment is included in this package.

Below are two examples of utilizing the crystal bed for chakra balancing
with Before and After aura photographs and detailed interpretation.

Jamies Aura before and after photos

Energy low
Blocked Chakras
Disconnected from guides
Energy Leak on Right Side

Physical Rejuvenation
Cleared Chakras
Elevated Mood
Spritual awakening
Angels present

Paul Simons Befor and After Aura photos

Energy drain - lower right
Blockage of incoming energy - lower right
Guides present but unclear
Drastic increase in spiritual energy (white)
Dramatic increase in heart chakra energy
Spirit guide present - lower right
Throat chakra opens
Enlightenment increased
Powerful spirit guide present - lower right