About Paul Simons Psychic and Medium
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About Paul Simons

Saul Simons

My psychic gifts are in Clairvoyance,
Psychokinesis. Telepathy, Precognition
and Mediumship.

Paul's Psi Q

I live in Sedona Arizona (usa) and Abadiania, Brazil near the Casa de Dom Inacio and participate in the current (meditations) of the Medium Joao de Deus (John of God) who incorporates benevolent entities.

My focus as a psychic and channeler of energy is to be of service to others, how this service is delivered is up to you and the individual situation.

Throughout my lifetime I have studied and practiced the channeling of energy, astrology, tarot, angelic invocation, various modalities of energy healing including pranic and reiki, channeling, as well as other chakra balancing and cleansing techniqoes such as the crystal bed.


I can honestly say, that if it wasn’t for Paul and the crystal bed, I would have let go… the experience was amazing.
- Reyne

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